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Stephen is one of our integrative health consultants and he specialises in physical activity and health with an emphasis on those over 45 and/or with chronic health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, MS, obesity, ageing, and other conditions that benefit from increased physical activity. He is an adjunct instructor at SOR Training in the US where he specialises in fitness for duty in law enforcement and security personnel. He also teaches specialised workshops. In the UK Stephen, along with Susan, teaches a regular, recurring series of workshops including Taking Charge of Diabetes, Physical Activity for Type 2 Diabetes, and Maintenance for the Middle Ages.

Stephen is currently preparing a workshop for personal trainers — Physical Activity for Health. This will be a SkillsActive endorsed workshop earning 6 CPD credits.

Today, at 55, Stephen does what he advises to others. He works out daily and maintains a diet that is generally balanced. He is not preparing for a sport, but for something much more interesting and demanding – life. He isn’t hoping so much for longevity as he is making each day a healthy, vital, and active one. Stephen specialises in physical activity as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, depression, simple back pain, MS or other demylinating diseases, and many of the conditions that are associated with ageing. Teamed up with Susan’s skills in psychology they provide clients — one-to-one or in groups — with integrative care that complements the support of their GP or other health providers.

Stephen served a decade in the US Navy and, following his honorable discharge, attended and graduated with a bachelor of science from the University of New York followed by a masters degree with honors from Oklahoma City University. He served a number of years in the security industry as both an instructor and a field operative. He remains an instructor at a security school in the US. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1997 and today is a dual citizen of the USA and the UK. Stephen holds CYQ (Central YMCA Qualification) qualifications in fitness instruction and as a specialist personal trainer. He also holds additional CYQ qualifications in Older Adults and GP Exercise Referral Schemes. He is a professional member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and serves as CPD representative on the Physical Activity for Health committee. He is an affiliate subscriber of the British Psychological Society and a member of the division of Sport and Exercise Psychology. Stephen is registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals UK, number R0100669. Stephen also holds current First Aid & CPR/AED certification from American Safety. Stephen actively pursues CPD in a range of mostly post-graduate courses which focus on his interests. Recent CPD has included physical activity as a factor in the onset of demential, exercise and sport in diabetes, and effectiveness of exercise in glycemic control of type 2 diabetes patients.

Stephen has designed fitness programs based on science and specifically for adults seeking good fitness as a long-term lifestyle while taking into consideration the realistic goals of the client and what is actually needed. He has also designed special programs for older adults and diabetics who are still “structurally sound” who want to achieve and maintain an appropriate level of fitness long term. These programs will develop the cardiovascular system to a healthy and sustainable level using a simple, effective regimen that will develop and maintain muscular and skeletal fitness while emphasizing minimal risk of injury. It is established, scientific fact that a program like this reduces mortality from all causes – not just heart disease or diabetes. It will also dramatically improve the quality of life for all who adhere to it – whether they have chronic illnesses or not.