About Susan

IMG_5921Susan is our health psychologist who is also qualified as a counselling psychologist and psychotherapist. She has long had a driving interest in health and health related issues through her training training to become a psychologist more than thirty years ago. She has worked within the NHS and privately, teaching other professionals about practical pain management and working individually with patients who have received a diagnosis of a life threatening or chronic condition.

Susan is registered with the Health Professions Council in the UK as both a health psychologist and a counselling psychologist and holds chartered status as a health psychologist and counselling psychologist with the British Psychological Society. Susan has been in practice as a psychologist for over thirty years. Susan also holds CYQ qualifications in fitness instruction and current CPR/AED certification.

Susan was awarded Practitioner of the Year 2012 by the British Psychological Society’s Professional Standards board.

You can visit her personal website at www.vanscoyoc.co.uk

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